One of the best things about Parenting is the recurring trends that circle back from when I was a kid that become a trend for my girls now. In case you haven’t realised, the 90’s is back – and all the trends to go along with it… specifically… the SCRUNCHIE has been a big hit in our household. 



Well I’d love to introduce you to a fun, new twist on this trend – ScrunchMiez. What do I love about ScrunchMiez I hear you ask? Well to start off with, they are the most adorable soft plush hair accessories but also have added fun for your kids. They have these totally cute plush character heads on the classic design of the scrunchie which you can pop in your hair, or wear round your wrist. BUT – they also Transform with the simple pull of a little hidden drawstring into these gorgeous plush friends that can clip onto a bag or backpack for your little ones to collect.

ScrunchMiez come in a range of different options: the Single pack, Stylin’ Surprise Pack (with hidden accessories), a 4 pack and also if your little one loves all things extra, they come in a Giant Size single pack – the ScrunchMiez Giantz are 15cm’s in size!

With over 30 to collect, there’s plenty of options for your little one to fall in love with, match to their outfit for the day, collect & stack on their wrist or find her favourite little character they can take with them wherever they go! Available now at major retailers.