Kindi Kids

As a Mum to 3 girls, you can only imagine the amount of Dolls we have had in our household… the list goes on – but in recent years, we have had a new favourite – and gosh they are cute! We absolutely LOVE Kindi Kids.  Now, if you haven’t heard of Kindi kids, they are a range of dolls who have just started kindergarten and are all learning to make friends together. Not only are the dolls super cute, but they also have a YouTube channel you can check out here which has videos focusing on the trials and tribulations of starting Kinder – it’s super cute!

So you can only imagine the excitement in our house when we heard about the latest dolls from Kindi Kids – the Scented Sisters.  They are the cutest preschoolers around – the Big Sister dolls all have a matching baby sister! 


There are currently 4 Scented Sisters to collect. The Big Sisters are:

  • Candy Sweets – who has rainbow hair, cute glittery eyes and smells of sweet Pastel Sweets. 
  • Flora Flutters – who has beautiful lilac and blue hair, twinkly toes and smells of the most delicious Butterfly Flower Scent.

Both big sisters come with changeable clothes and removable shoes- which my girls love playing with! 

And the matching baby sisters are:

  • Pastel Sweets –  who is Candy Sweets baby sister. She is oh so cute and if you squeeze her little tummy, she will blow you a sweet scented Pastel Sweets kiss. 
  • Fifi Flutters – who is Flora Flutters baby sister, she is a snuggly sweet doll who also will blow you a Butterfly flower scented kiss if you squeeze her tummy. 

Both baby sisters have squishy arms and legs and  come with a removable nappy, pacifier and bib for extra fun to play with!

I love that these dolls are scented as I think it will create such sweet memories for my girls of playing with these dolls! I remember back in the 90’s I also had a scented doll, and to this day I still remember that scent and all the fun memories associated with it and playing with that doll.

They are a cute addition to any little ones doll collection and available now at major retailers.