This Smart Teddy Wants To Help Your Family Build Healthy Habits

No one likes to be the parent responsible with saying “it’s time to clean up” or “brush your teeth” or “come to dinner and turn off the TV.” Now there’s a way to outsource that.

Smart Teddy is a programmed “smart stuffed animal” that has over 25 daily activities and playful interactions (and it’s regularly updated with seasonal stories, fun facts, educational games and content each week). Basically instead of nagging your child to brush their teeth or pick up their toys, for example, the Smart Teddy will prompt them (and instead of resulting in protest, it will likely result in a laugh and compliance). The idea is that children will be more likely to listen to their furry friend who is also the source of a variety of games (focused on everything from emotional intelligence to math).


Plus, the Teddy is rather big and very cuddly and soft (all the toddlers I’ve seen love hugging it).

That said, this isn’t a cheap buy. In fact, at $179.95 it’s a big investment, but one that could be worth it if you’re in the midst of a draining power struggle over every day to-dos (think getting off the iPad, doing chores, waking up in the morning, enjoying story time…). If you’re lucky, this bear might even put your child to sleep with one of its stories!

The app is also easy to use and setup and, because the content is so frequently updated, kids aren’t likely to get bored of this fast. I love that it has so many aspects to it. Beyond just helping develop good habits without a parent pushing, it’s actually an engaging toy that fosters non-screen time play. I for one can certainly appreciate anything that gives me some free time without giving the kids access to an iPad or TV!