Spark Your Child’s Curiosity For Culture With Little Passports

There are few things as glorious as independent play. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love spending time with my son, but it’s hard for me to be present when my mind is running wild because of a long to-do list. We all know that a key to a child that plays independently is giving them play things that engage them and if you’re reading this you’re probably one of those parents that is very thoughtful about what those play things are.


We want toys that stimulate, but also educate and don’t reinforce bad habits – like screen time (though I struggle with calling it “bad” because it’s an inevitable and necessary reality in today’s time) and short attention spans. That’s where Little Passports comes in.

Little Passports hits home for my family because we live between Tel Aviv and New York – we have been traveling back and forth every few weeks since my firstborn was three months old, so he’s very familiar and has a fascination with planes. So what exactly is Little Passports? It’s subscription box company for kids (starting at $23.95/month with options for monthly, 6-month or 12-month subscriptions) as of three years old and going up to 9+. The focus here is on – you guessed it – culture, traditions and travel. Think exploring the Outback, the Serengeti and Pacific Ocean (as is the case for a recent launch). But also of course they have USA editions! You can shop by theme for what best suits your little one’s interests.

Image: @tiffanycweaver

STEM toys aren’t always the most engaging, but that’s not the case here. Even without flashy lights and buttons Little Passports engages with pop-up features and tons of hands-on activities to stimulate little imaginations and foster both independent play and cooperative play. And if travel isn’t your little one’s thing they have kits with themes like volcanos, robots and even forensics.