Slumberkins: The Emotional Learning Creatures Kids (And Parents) Love

Slumberkins is like Dr. Becky in toy form – this is basically the biggest complement I could give a baby/toddler play thing. So what does that mean? In short Slumberkins are soft, cute, cuddly “creatures,” each of which comes with an original book the covers an emotional or social skill for children to practice (think authenticity, family change, self-esteem, mindfulness, grief & loss…). The brand was founded by a teacher and a therapist with the goal of helping parents raise “resilient, caring and confident children.”


Slumberkins breaks down coping skills in digestable and engaging ways and while they’re more appropriate for toddlers and kids, babies as young as 3-4 months will enjoy cuddling with the creatures (just remember never to leave a Slumberkin in the crib with your baby if he or she is under the age of 1).

I love the idea of exposing a LO to these early on so he or she can start to develop a relationship with the Slumberkin. It can’t be understated that while stuffed animals are a dime a dozen, this isn’t just another toy. The books these creatures come with truly do a sensational job at helping kids navigate social and emotional situations – we all know that emotions run high even for kids of a very young age and it’s not always easy for parents to help their children navigate them.

Slumberkins helps break down “big feelings” in an engaging way – each book starts with a story and ends with an interactive portion where you and your child can say out loud positive affirmations. Many parents say their children end up using those affirmations “in real life” as they navigate challenging situations…. who could ask for more from a “toy”?

There are so many Slumberkins to choose from – and almost all of them will likely seem relevant – so checkout this online quiz to help you narrow down what would be most relevant for your child.