Child Development Gift Recommendations For Kids Of All Ages

Sure they’re fun and help get us some free time, but children’s toys are so much more than frivolous play things. Toys can have many benefits when it comes to helping a child’s development, so it’s important to choose them wisely.

“Educational toys can promote sensory, motor and cognitive development, all of which are important to a child’s growth both mentally and physically,” says Carole Kramer Arsenault, RN, author of Newborn 101 and founder of Boston Baby Nurse & Nanny. “Most toys will have a recommended age range, mostly for safety purposes, however, some pediatricians suggest choosing toys of the next developmental level since the toys in their developmental group are milestones they may have already achieved.”


Keep reading for a look at toys Kramer Arsenault recommends by age group… just in time for holiday shopping! 


Ages 0-6 months

Ages 6-12 months

Ages 2-3

Ages 3-4


Ages 4-6

Ages 6-8

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