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The Best Toys For Left-Handed Kids

When children are young they just want to be like everyone else. Small things like being left-handed when all their friends are right-handed can trigger emotions of shame, especially if that child’s parents are trying to push them to use their right hand.

Parents shouldn’t be blamed for wanting the best for their child. With about 90 percent of the population having a natural tendency to being right-handed many things – ranging from toys to apparel to baseball mitts- are designed with right handed people in mind. Research has, however, shown that there are negative consequences for forcefully trying to change a leftie’s tendencies including poor memory, becoming introverted and fatigue. Instead, it’s recommended that parents embrace their child’s left-handed natural tendency by finding items designed to be accessible for left-hand-dominant individuals.


Finding toys and games for your left-handed kid can often feel like a struggle (lefties seem to get the short end of the stick) but they are out there if you look the right places.

Check out our slideshow below for some of the best toys for left-handed kids:

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