Toy Review: Bristle Blocks are Back!

Do you remember bristle blocks? I played with some when I was a kid and I loved them! Then they seemed to disappear for a while, but we are in luck. They’re back! Bristle blocks are exactly what they sound like: bristly blocks that can interlock to build just about anything your (or your kid’s) heart desires.


We have built buildings, trains, hairbrushes, and rockets to name a few. Besides being a lot of fun, bristle blocks spark creativity in little minds, which is always a bonus for us when looking for a great new toy. Also, the colors! They are fantastic. I love them. They come in a set of 68 blocks, in a variety of awesome colors. I really cannot say enough great things about these blocks. We buy them to gift to all of our little friends, and they are always a huge hit! You can get your own here from Target for $17

bristle blocks 02

bristle blocks 03

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