The Best Toy Camera!

We are long time fans of Twig. They have been making the best toy cameras around for years! They are a local company (for us), which was a huge appeal in the beginning, but since we have had a few of their cameras, we have just fallen more and more in love with them!


What makes them so great? Well, I’ll tell you. First of all, they are handmade. Each and every one of them. They are of fantastic quality, and you can definitely feel that when you hold one. They are solid wood and super durable. Trust me, we have dropped ours countless times without a scratch! Because they are so durable, they will last through multiple kids—it’s a great hand-me-down toy!

But the reason I really love these cameras and keep buying them is because the kids love them. This one pictured is one of their newer models that my son got for Easter. It’s amazing! The parts actually move, so the button on top goes down when you “take a picture” and the front piece moves like it’s focusing. It’s really the best toy camera. We buy them as gifts for little friends too! I have yet to come across a child ages one through ten who doesn’t love it and think it’s awesome. I love that they come in so many designs and colors too! So you can pick and choose what you think your little one will love.

If you are in the market for a toy camera, please buy a Twig camera. You won’t be disappointed!

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