Great Scooters for Kids at Any Price Point

Like most of you, I am sure, we have been spending a lot of time outdoors so far this summer. We go to the park, go on family walks, and these things might be less than enjoyable for kids. Maybe. My son has a scooter that he rides everywhere. We love it! It provides him with entertainment and exercise while we are out and about, and scooters are totally a summer thing, right? If you are thinking about getting your child a scooter, please do! You definitely won't regret it. Here are some of the best scooters for kids around this summer.

Mini Micro $79.99:

 scooter 01



This is the scooter my son has, and it is amazing. It's perfect for kids as young as two years old, on up to six or so. The two wheels in the front provide stability for those who might not be so great at balancing yet. He has gotten so good on it, I think he might be ready for a two wheeled scooter before too long. (BUY IT on Amazon)

Y-Glider $99:

scooter 02

I'll admit, this one confused me at first. But a friend of ours has one (she is six), and it's awesome! It's different than any other scooter because you don't use your foot to kick to go faster, you move side to side! Almost like you are skiing or something. It's a lot of fun and pretty safe too. (BUY IT at Toys 'R' Us)

Razor Chalk $27.62:

scooter 03


We have all seen the Razor scooters. They have been around forever, and they are great for the whole family. But this one really stuck out to me. It's a regular Razor, but with an added on attachment that you can put sidewalk chalk in and draw as you ride! Pretty fun, right? (BUY IT at Amazon)

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