The One Toy You MUST Bring on Summer Vacation

When it’s time to pack for a week at the beach or any other summer vacation, we’ve all been there: lugging bag after bag into an already overstuffed trunk, plus car seats, coolers, and playpens.

So here’s one awesome way to lighten your load this summer, while also ensuring that your kids—whether they’re three or thirteen—will be entertained. Enter the Stomp Rocket. For well under $20, this little toy has provided my four-and-a-half-year-old with hours and hours of fun. I mean, just LOOK at the expression on her face in this “action” shot taken on the deck recently. (Note: we’re using the version that’s technically for kids eight years old and up; there is also a version for those three years old and up.)



Not to mention that the teens and adults who’ve also participated have had a blast. It’s so simple, but gives such a distinct thrill when it launches with a satisfying POP! (Those are her tween cousins helping her set up, below.) Place the foam tipped “rocket” on the end of the tube. Then stomp on the balloon-like launcher. Watch it soar, streak, zoom. Position it just so and try to hit a target. Really jump as hard as you can, to attempt to launch it over the roof of the house. There are as many ways to “customize” this thing as you can imagine. One recent weekend when we went to a farmhouse in upstate New York with another family we know, the adults spent WAY too much time trying to perfectly aim those rockets at various targets in the yard. And even the littlest toddlers can get in on the act. As long as you can stamp your foot, you’re good to go. 


What is the best item you bring on vacation with you? Something small but mighty—besides an iPad of course! (Um, that’s a given!) I’d love any suggestions, so bring it on!

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