Must-Know Toy: Bilibo – The New Cardboard Box!

bilibo 2

If you haven't heard of the Bilibo, let me introduce you. It is an amazing toy that provides your child with hours of imaginative and active play. When I first saw one I was confused by it. It looked like a bowl to me. But I decided to give it a shot and get one for my son anyway. After a few months of playing with it for hours every day we got another one. And he played with both of them every day! I love that he uses his little imagination with them. One minute they are a bath for his toys and the next minute he's wearing one as a helmet telling me "I am your father." Pretty adorable, right? His favorite thing to do with them is to sit in one and spin until he is out-of-control dizzy. It's the best! We are thinking about buying a third one so everyone can have one when friends and family come to visit. They are a hit with them all! People call them the new cardboard box. And as much as I love cardboard boxes and think they can never be replaced, the Bilibo is definitely in the same category! We love it!


bilibo 3

"I am your father…"


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