Six Young Children’s Books for Summer Fun

We've always been a family who spends time reading together. Even when I was pregnant with our first son, we read him children's books at night. And after he was born, books were always a part of his bedtime routine. Now that he's older, we pack a book every time we leave the house and make time for reading whenever we can.


Summer is a lovely time to spend reading with our young children. Try reading a book on the porch, in the grass, on a blanket with a picnic lunch, at the beach or pool during the break, or on vacation. This is a great time to get children in the habit of picking up a good book and to help cultivate a love for reading for leisure. Today we're sharing six children's books for summer fun: perfect for for young children, road trips, picnics in the park, or simply at bedtime to give children (and ourselves) that amazing feeling of summer and all of the fun that comes with this beautiful season. 


Summer by Alice Low

This book is a celebration of all of the wonderful things that make up summer. Children will love the bright colorful images and the mentions of all the good stuff like fireworks, trips to the beach, and eating fresh watermelon. 


Harry by the Sea by Gene Zion

You can't beat a good beach story in the heat of summer. Harry is a friendly little dog who visits the seashore and is mistaken for a serpent when a wave covers him with seaweed. 


A Summery Saturday Morning by Margaret Mahy

What starts off as a trip to the beach is described as a "lively read-aloud romp." This book is a wild goose chase written in a very rhythmical way making it fun for children to listen to and for parents to read, and enjoyable for all. 


Summer (Four Seasons) by Nuria Roca

Part of a series of beautiful and colorful seasonal books, this book focuses on the moods and activities of summer. 


I See Summer by Charles Ghigna

This is an easy read for younger children featuring sweet whimsical images sharing some of the joys of summer including lemonade and picnics in the park.


Summer Days and Nights by Wong Herbert Yee

This story shares a little girl's day of entertaining herself with summer activities. It ends with her dreaming about more summer days and nights. This is a great story for bedtime. 

I always spent days at the library in the summer picking up books so I could read on a blanket in my front yard. I hope my children will have the same enjoyment of reading as I did. Did you have a favorite childhood book? Did you enjoy reading in the summer?

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