Unique Toys from Corby Tindersticks

A few months ago, I came across Corby Tindersticks and I fell instantly in love. They have great clothes and other items, but I really love their toys. Every toy is fun and soft, and the graphics are so cute and unique! For unique toys that are handmade and from the U.K. they aren't priced too badly either. They make awesome gifts for little ones, too. They are sure to love them. My son does!

tindersticks 01


How rad is this interactive map? I love all of the cute little details, and the felt weather plushes are adorable. This is a great way to teach kids about the weather as well as the different parts of the world! Get it here.

tindersticks 06

Don't you just love a nerd? These little guys are soft, cuddly, and too cute with their glasses. I love the little felt embellishments that add a pop of color too. Pick your favorite and buy them here.


Another educational but super fun toy! My little guy is getting to the age where he needs to start learning to tell time. This felt clock with moveable hands is perfect for helping him learn and have fun too! See more and buy it here.

tindersticks 07

This guy might be my favorite. I'm in love with his adorable and colorful patches of fur and that party hat! It's just too cute and perfect for any little one. See more or buy it here.

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