Meet The Clump-O-Lumps

Let your child’s imagination run wild with Clump-o-Lump’s menagerie of stuffed animals!


Kids can zip-and-match the body parts to make their own crazy creatures.

Children can unzip the three parts that make up each animal–head, torso, and rump–and mix them up with other animals to create endless combinations. Because the creatures are so totally weird and totally cool to begin with, your child is guaranteed great results.

The Clump-o-Lumps are available in a variety of six creatures for $25 each: Tig-o the Tiger, Frog-o-Frog, Shark-o the Shark, Bee-o the Bee, Squid-o the Squid, and Bird-o the Bird. Of course, the real fun begins when buy more than one and mix them up!

Now available for purchase on the Clump-o-Lump website!