Modern Swedish Toys From Acne Jr

Stockholm-based Swedish toy company Acne JR makes traditional & iconic toys in a modern way.

Their collection is absolutely fantastic, ranging from soft toy puppies to wooden skulls. Here are a few of our favorites.

Äpple ($43.86)

A big soft toy apple with detachable worm. 

Kranium ($69.59)

A wooden skull with a secret compartment for keeping memories. 

Chester ($55.56)

The Swedish teddy bear, made of artificial leather. 

Bell ($55.56)

A soft toy puppy with a bell around her neck. 

Chester Denium ($55.56)

The Swedish teddy bear in a fashionable & cuddly denim edition. 

Trumma ($34.50)

A tin can drum with a pair of bamboo drumsticks.