Etsy Finds: An iPad For The Little Guys

Anyone with a toddler in the house knows how difficult it is to keep gadgets out of their hands. Here’s a tablet that they can call all their very own, perfectly designed for their inquisitive little minds.


Let’s face it, we could all use a little reprieve from the constant digital barrage in our lives. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your child spend hours with nothing than a pencil and a notebook, solely driven by the power of their own imagination. The anaPad creative tablet from Etsy seller twigcreative offers an opportunity to foster that type of interaction while at the same time making sure your child doesn’t feel shortchanged or left out.



As Apple has proven time and again, removing excess functionality can often be the best way to push a product further ahead. In that respect,the anaPad is a clear winner. You don’t have to worry about digital Smurfs recruiting your unwitting toddler to raid the family finances with this tablet. That has to be worth something, doesn’t it?



To purchase an anaPad, simply head over to the twigcreative shop on Etsy with $28 in available funds (plus a little more for shipping). No pre-orders or waiting lists, no long term contracts. Consider it an investment in your child’s education: there may come a day when schools actually require students to have writing tablets.