The Best Gifts For Dinosaur Lovers Of All Ages

When your budding paleontologist suffers from the severe case of Dinomania aka Acute Dinosaurs Obsession, you've got to act fast!


There is plenty of cool stuff out there to keep your little Dinomaniac dino-saturated.  These terrifying creatures had roamed the Earth millions of years ago but they still light a fire in our boys’ eyes.

1.Lightning Rex T-Shirt $13.90-$19.95

Let him roar his passion for these giant “terrible lizards” (this is what dinosaur means) loud and clear with this terrifyingly realistic image of the King of the dinosaurs, T-Rex.

2. 3D Double Eye Backpack $22.99

If you prefer more subtle statement to the frontal attack, like the giant predator’s eyes glowing in the prehistoric cave’s darkness, for example, accessorize your little Dinomaniac with this sleek backpack.

3. KinderGlo Portable Night Lights $23.95

Keep night monsters away with this mighty and mightily cute night guard. KinderGlo’s adorable brontosaurus is safe enough for kids to hold and cuddle. You can switch between the soft glow of red, blue, and green as well as color cycling mode by simply pressing the button on the bottom of the KinderGlo.

4. Roomates Dinosaur Giant Applique $16.99

Satisfy the dinosaur cravings of boys suffering from Acute Dinosaurs Obsession so add to his cave this wall decal, which is so real (but not scary) that you can almost hear him roar.

5. Dinosaur Soup Recipe Book $16

What happens when you let a dinosaur into the kitchen? The Dinosaur Soup Recipe Book!  The folks at Bob's Your Uncle called upon friends and family to ask their little eaters to explain how to make their favorite dish and this book is the adorable result.  This beautifully illustrated collection of fifty hilarious recipes written by children will inspire your little explorer to add his own recipes to this book.

6. Dinosaur Muffin Pan $29.99

“Please, don’t go! We’ll eat you up we love you so!” roared the Wild Things to Max. What could be more fun for the little Dinomaniac than baking and decorating his beloved dinosaurs in this pan, shaped like a dinosaur foot?  Eating them of course! Dinosaur molds feature lots of details such as claws and teeth. Dinosaurs outside, dinosaurs inside – a true bliss!