[VIDEO] Sexualizing Men in Ads. It’s Ridiculous.

We've seen it a thousand times over: a sexy woman is slinging some product that has seemingly nothing to do with sex. Sexy chick eating a cheeseburger. Sexy chick gyrating on a car. Sexy chick hawking domain hosting services.

What would happen if we took some of this year's most popular sexy TV ads and switched the women out with men? The results are downright laughable, and forces us realize that seeing men like this is downright ridiculous…but why isn't it with women?

Check out the role reversal yourself courtesy of Buzzfeed, and tell us: why aren't good looking men covered in Doritos as provocative as a woman in the same position? After all, we chicks like Doritos, too. Watch the video then weigh in in the comments below.

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