Mommy Must Haves: Almost Spring


It’s that awkward time of year where you are ready for spring to have sprung but winter is still lurking around the next corner.

I am tired of wearing winter clothes and am ready for a pop of color and some floral prints, but the mornings are still chilly and evenings downright cold. Fight the blahs and elements with this transition piece, the dark ground floral dress-prefect for layering to keep our the chills of pre-spring but pretty enough that come summer you can throw it on with a pair of flip flops.

That’s so Fresh Dress

This dark ground floral dress is perfect for layering while the weather is still a tad cool but once warm weather hits throw on a pair of flip flops and you are good to go.

Jackie cardigan

I admit it, I have red hair and I love to wear green, but, I also think this green cardigan adds a nice pop of color to fight the lingering chill in the air. 

Swathed Canvas Booties

I am in love with these booties, in love! They are perfect with a pair of opaque tights and super cute sans tights to add an urban edge to your summer dress code. 

London Opaque Tights

You can’t go wrong with opaque tights, unless of course it is 90 degrees out. 

Futai Clear Bubble Umbrella

We all know that spring showers bring flowers but it’s still no fun to be caught unprepared in a downpour. 

Silver Clouds Necklace

No need to look very hard for the silver lining in these clouds.