5 Winter Baby Gear Must Haves

While the winter weather can certainly be a deterrent from heading outdoors, once you have the right winter gear for your baby, it doesn’t have to be.

With the right baby gear, you can tackle the winter weather with your baby, while at the same time keeping your little one well protected and warm. If you’ve got a baby this winter, consider these 5 winter baby gear must haves:

1. A Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers have an elasticized outer band that goes over the car seat to help keep your baby warm. Unlike two-part cover systems (think JJ Cole’s BundleMe) where the bottom half of the cover lies in the car seat and the top zips on top of the baby to keep him warm, car seat covers do not interfere with the car seat straps. Keep your baby extra warm by covering him with a blanket and pushing the sides of the blanket in between the baby and car seat and your baby’s legs snugly before putting on the cover.

2. A BundleMe or Stroller Muff

When your baby is riding in a stroller, sans the car seat, a BundleMe or Stroller Muff can help keep your baby warm and keep you from chasing down stray blankets. Some stroller manufactures (like Maclaren) make products that are specifically designed to work with their strollers.  

3.  Baby Balaclavas

If your baby pulls off his hat or refuses to wear one, the balaclava is essential. A balaclava goes over the head and covers the head and neck, just exposing the face. Balaclavas can be made of wool, cotton or other materials and definitely keep baby warm.

4. A fleece Bunting Bag or one piece Snowsuit

Since babies shouldn’t be wearing jackets while traveling in a car seat, using a bunting bag or one piece snowsuit when baby is in the stroller or out and about makes the most sense and will keep your baby warmest.

5. A Stroller Cover

If your baby spends a lot of time in his stroller, a stroller cover will help protect him from snow and winter wind. Stroller covers are usually made of plastic, however insulated versions and even PVC free stroller covers can be found. Heading out in the winter weather is a lot easier if you have the right gear. Keeping your baby warm is essential and these 5 winter baby must haves will help you do that.

Do you have any must haves for your winter baby? Share your thoughts on must have winter baby gear in the comments below.