Mommy Must Haves-Travel

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we are steaming straight ahead towards the Holidays.

I personally dislike traveling during the Holidays and try to avoid it at all costs. Because of this aversion I am traveling this week, heading back east, which inspired my travel themed list for today. This is exactly what you will find on the plane with me this evening. 

Foundry Pant In Wool: I admit it I miss the days before the Juicy sweat suit was de rigeur on airplanes, but I still want to be comfortable, especially for a red eye. I favor a loose wool pant, comfy, stylish and warm.

Jade Necklace: I’m a superstitious flyer and I never take to the sky without my jade necklace. Jade is thought to be good luck and I fully believe that.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Tops: Getting through security is hassle enough these days so I like to make it as easy as possible. With my converse I can slip them on and off for a quick breeze through the checkpoint sans shoes. 

Maison Scotch Graddad Shirt: I am all about layering on the plane. Honestly, how many times have you been on a flight where it’s steamy one minute and freezing the next?

Wicaco Pull Over: Admit it, every once in awhile you think the paparazzi might be waiting to snap your picture as you get off the plane. With this pull over you will be warm and cozy on the flight, but right on trend when you get off. 

Triumphant Tote: This bag is stylish yet roomy enough to fit my laptop plus magazines and of course snacks. 

Magazines: I never board a flight without a stack of guilty pleasure magazines to help pass the time. 

IPad 2: If you are traveling with littles an IPad is indispensable for keeping little minds (and hands and feet) entertained. Whether its with a movie, game or interactive book this apple product will keep them busy for at least an hour of the flight. 

What do you always travel with?