10 Perfect Gifts for Him

Oh how I love to spoil my man. When you think about it, the boys do their best to spoil us off and on throughout the year. Or at least I hope they do. Do you have a partner that tries to do the ‘little things that mean a lot’ unexpectedly? If not, I think you should get onto that quick smart! It’s so nice to feel a little bit spoiled, especially when on any given day the kids are making us feel the complete opposite of spoiled. Which is soiled?

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I digress.

The point is, I really want to get something special for my husband this year, but what to get? Men are quite hard to buy for – even men we know almost as well as we know ourselves. So I set Tessa from Down That Little Lane the challenge to find gifts for men that they really do want. And she has totally come up with the goods.

More wonderful gift ideas for Christmas:

Image: Bellroy