10 Perfect Gifts for Me (Yes, You!)

Do you know what? As much as we know it should be so, sometimes Christmas isn’t just about the giving. Sometimes it’s about the receiving too. Sometimes it’s about me. We’ve worked hard all year and we deserve something special, we really do. Don’t be shy about it.

I’ve been window shopping like crazy across the interwebs for months now, just waiting for my chance! I like shiny things and sparkly things, eco things and living things, indulgent things and practical things… I’ll take the lot.


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The trick is getting our wishes in front of the the right, er, eyes, so to speak. A great way to do it is to go through these awesome gifts that Tessa from Down That Little Lane has curated for us and copy the link to the one you like. Paste the link into Facebook and tag your man. No words. Never mention it again. And remember to squeal extra loudly when you unwrap your favourite under the tree on the 25th.

More wonderful gift ideas for Christmas:

Image: Fleurieu Gifts