10 Perfect Gifts for Little Boys

Don’t you just love Christmas shopping? Yes? No? I love it. I love selecting gifts that I just know will be treasured. I totally get that half the fun of Christmas is in the giving, not the receiving.

Earlier we made a list (and presumably checked it twice) of great gifts for bigger boys, so now we get to select some fun gifts for the little tackers. Little boys are so easy to buy for, but there’s a lot of junk out there. Gifts that will be played with for half a minute after receiving and then lost to the toy cupboard forevermore. Or gifts that annoy mum so much she accidentally-on-purpose ‘loses’ the toy in the rubbish bin.


We asked the fabulous Tessa from Down That Little Lane to steer us through the little boy present-maze. Tessa is a woman of great style and fun, so she will know what to buy that the boys will love and the mums will love too.

More wonderful gift ideas for Christmas:

Image:My Sweet Prints