10 Perfect Teacher Gifts

Do you give your class teacher an individual gift each year or does the whole class go in together? I confess that I do both! I love to give a little extra something because I CANNOT THANK MY KIDS’ TEACHER ENOUGH (I had to yell that because it’s just so true). I also love participating in the ‘whole class’ gift because then you can pool funds and get the teacher something that really counts. As a class we tend to get our teachers spa vouchers plus an ‘every kid’ gift.

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‘Every kid’ gifts are gifts that each child in the class contributes to in some way. A whole-class drawing that we get framed for the classroom or a ‘class tree’ like this one. Last year we got my youngest daughter’s teacher these fabulous beads by That We Do. She adored them (and yes, I have spotted her wearing them this year too).

The clever Tessa from Down That Little Lane has found us 10 more meaningful ideas for individual or ‘every kid’ gifts that we just know your teacher will love.

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Image: Sweet ‘n’ Pretty