Unique & Stylish Back to School Supplies

Whether you like it or not, it’s back to school time! Get those supplies lists out and get ready for back to school shopping. There are a lot of options for supplies in the stores that kids love, but YOU might not.  I’m looking at you, Spider-Man back pack!]

Along the way, I’ve gathered up a few awesome ideas that both my son and I think are pretty cool (with not a gaudy superhero to be found anywhere). Check ’em out, and let us know if you have any cool school supply finds in the comments below.


Panda Backpack – $29

school 01

How adorable is this backpack? I love how unique it is. It’s perfect for younger kids—you know, the ones who are still stoked about school. The embroidered detailing kills me. The price tag isn’t too bad either! Buy it at The Land of Nod.

Lego Lunchbox – $22.21

school 02Legos might be more popular than ever right now. I know I am loving all of the Lego genius that is in stores! This lunch box is simple & fun, and your kid is sure to get compliments from their buddies at school. The envy of the cafeteria! Buy it at Amazon

Cool Colored Pencils – $7.99

school 03These are the best colored pencils. They have been our family favorite for a long time. I love all of the great colors they come in! Just make sure your school doesn’t require a certain brand or type and you are good to go. Buy them at Target

 Pencil Case – $12

school 04

I have this pencil case for my little guy and it is the best. Really well constructed, and I love the color combo. There are several different styles to choose from too! A great pencil bag is essential for keeping those colored pencils together. Buy it at American Apparel

Rad Ruler – $8


school 05

Poppin has the best office and back to school supplies out there. Everything is so colorful and simple! Like this mint ruler. Isn’t it pretty? I mean…the kids will love it. And maybe you can steal it to use too. Buy it at Poppin

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