Gift Alert! My Toddler’s Favorite Book

If you are looking for a fun and educational book for toddlers, this is it. Press Here is an interactive book that kids have a great time reading. Each page goes through a new set of simple and colorful instructions that you can read to your child and watch them follow along with! We’ve had this book for a couple of years, and it’s my toddler’s favorite book. I love this book because, unlike a lot of other books for toddlers, it gets the child involved. It’s like playing and reading at the same time!


As your child follows along, each page develops into a new set of instructions, some of which are pretty funny to watch! It’s a great book for teaching your child their colors and shapes, and perhaps most importantly, it teaches them to follow instructions. In this age of electronics, a child’s attention span can be seriously limited. I really love this book because it helps to keep the child’s attention with its entertaining instructions! I really cannot say enough great things about this book!


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