Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

If you're a mom, this could be your favorite holiday since it gives you the opportunity to spend your day doing whatever it is that makes you happy (with or without your kids). It's also the opportunity to give your own mom or a favorite mom like your sister, best friend, aunt, or even your mother-in-law a thoughtful gift to let them know how much they mean to you. While most moms are happy with just a hug, a card, and a big "thank you for being you," here are eight Mother's Day gifts under $50 that any mom would love to have.

1) Farm Fresh Flowers

If your mom is far away, a surprise bouqet of flowers is just what she needs to make her smile. I love these farm fresh flowers that aren't roses (although you can get them)! Deluxe Bouqet of Flowers (24 blooms), $50, at 


Bouq Bouquet

2) Mantra Bracelets

If your best mom has had a rough year, these mantra bracelets are so beautiful and thoughtful. MantraBand, $25–$35 (depending on silver, gold, or rose gold option), at 


3) ALL of Her Fave Things in One Box

A little bit of everything is in this box—tea, sweet jam, chocolates, and a personalized card make for one sweet gift. Sweet Mama Gift Box, $44.99, at 

Sweet Mama Gift Box from Pinhole Press

4) A Fun Clutch

Any mom that has a sense of humor and fashion wil love this clutch for keeping things organized. Halogen Patent Leather Clutch, $34, at 

Halogen Leather Clutch

5) Hand Stamped Spoons

This spoon is so thoughtful and, believe me, she will use it for coffee and her oatmeal every morning to remind her of you. Letter to Mom Hand Stamped Teaspoon from jessicaNdesigns, $20, at 

jessicaNdesigns handstamped teaspoon

6) A Scarf for Spring

Every mom needs a chic scarf. Sea Ranch Scarf, $38, at 

Sea Ranch Scarf

7) Photos Printed on Wood

Gifts come and go, but photos are forever. I love this one that's printed on wood—so unique! PhotoBoard on Wood, $40 for a 5X7, at 

PhotoBarn wood photo board

8) Book of Gratitude

What better way to show your mom love than with a book of gratitude. Filled with inspirational quotes and pages for journaling, this is one gift she'll never forget. For extra points fill out the first page with a letter of gratitude to her. Gratitude: A Journal, $14.95, at 

Gratitude A Journal 1

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