Gifts For A Christening or Naming Ceremony

A Christening or Naming Ceremony is a special day in a child’s life and, if you’ve been invited to attend one, you might find choosing the right gift for such an important occasion a little daunting. 

It needn’t be, however, as there are many perfect gifts available to suit all budgets.  The key is to look for something which will last, and can be cherished for many years to come.


An item of jewellery is a timeless gift which can be treasured for life, and is a wonderful gift.  Jewellery does not need to be restricted to Christening bangles.  If you prefer a break from tradition why not consider a silver charm bracelet with a few personalised charms (the child’s initial, birthstone, etc).  Charm bracelets are versatile and can be lengthened and added to over the years, meaning it really is a gift which will be used and loved for a long time.  A less common alternative to charm bracelets is a charm necklace.  A silver locket or simple cross (for a Christening) is also a beautiful jewellery idea.


Traditional items include rattles, bibles and Christening spoons or cups.  It is traditional to give silver items at a Christening and a more modern take on the tradition of silver could be a silver thimble, a trinket box, or a silver plated money box.

Modern Ideas

You don’t need to choose a traditional gift if you don’t want to and more modern variations on Christening and Naming Ceremony gifts include high quality toys and figurines, memory boxes and photo frames.  If you feel the family would appreciate it, you may wish to make a charitable donation in the child’s name, or adopt an endangered animal.  This way the parents can tell their child when they’re older about how they have helped to save our planet.


By now many parents may have set up a savings account in their little one’s name so if you prefer to give money to be saved for when the child is older this is always appreciated.


Remember that most jewellery items can be personalised, for example, with an engraving of the child’s name.  This also goes for silver items like trinket boxes and spoons.  Personalisation adds a unique touch to a gift, making it extra special, so consider having items personalised if it’s possible.


It sounds obvious but remember, if you have been invited to a Naming Ceremony avoid choosing a gift with religious connotations, such as a bible or a cross, as this may go against the family’s beliefs if they have chosen not to have their child Christened.  Naming Ceremonies are very popular these days and, as mentioned above, there are many non-religious gifts to choose from so you won’t be short on choice.