3 Holiday Gifts That Keep On Giving

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re anything like me you have a few more gifts to go.



Instead of giving conventional gifts this holiday season (does mom really need another pair of slippers?) why not add a little green to your holidays with a few philanthropic gifts that keep on giving?

Help those living in poverty

Alternative Gifts International is a non-profit that inspires support for humanitarian and environmental causes. You can share the gift of giving by sending someone special a gift card. The recipient can choose from the sites Shopping List for the World which lists numerous charities worldwide that are in need of support. Using this site gives joy to the donor (or shopper), global awareness and education to the recipient of a gift card, and great benefit to people living in poverty.

Donate an animal

Help a family in need with an animal donation through Heifer International. Give the gift of a goat, flock of chicks, cow, heifer or sheep. The gift recipient receives a card letting them know what you have purchased in their honor. Heifer International works to ensure that the gift of each animal will eventually help an entire community to become self-sustaining.

Plant a tree

Buy a card, plant a tree. For every card you purchase TreeNex will plant a living, breathing tree in a real forest.  Treenex.com gives all card recipients something that’s exceptionally unique – the ability to follow the development of the forest in which their trees are planted.

What philanthropic ideas do you have for giving  this holiday season?

[Photo used under Creative Commons from JD Hancock/Flickr]