Holiday Gifts For Wine Lovers

As an avid wine lover, I of course love all wine gadgets and accessories.

There are so many wonderful gifts out there for the wine lover in your life; here are my favorites this holiday season.

1. Vinturi Aerator ~ Have you seen or used this? I pour just about every glass of wine I drink through this aerator. Wine needs to breathe and pouring your wine through this aerator makes it immediately ready for consumption…just how I like it! Vinturi makes this aerator for red and white wine, as well as spirits.

2. Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener ~ I first discovered this wine opener last fall in Napa at Peju Winery. It has a long thin needle that goes into the cork and you press a cartridge at the top and the cork literally comes out in 3 seconds!

3. Riedel Tumbler Wine Glasses ~ I love these Riedel tumblers. They are a fun way to spice up the bar in any house.

4. Riedel Bordeaux Wine Glasses ~ These are my absolute favorite wine glasses. I drink wine out of these everyday. They are beautiful, elegant and perfect for swirling! Awesome pick for any wine lover!

5. Wine Decanter ~ Every house needs a wine decanter and it doesn’t have to be expensive. This wine decanter from Sur La Table is classic, simple and looks great on any dinner table.

6. Wine Bottle Scented Candles ~ These recycled cut-down wine bottles house beautiful, fragrant candles. Each candle is sealed with a wooden top.

7. Gift Certificate ~ Let the wine lover in your life pick out any wine they want! You can send a gift certificate starting at $25 and purchase one as high as $500. (Yes please!)

8. Wine Enthusiast Magazine Subscription ~ Any wine lover would appreciate a subscription to this magazine. It is hip and modern with great articles. My favorite section is the buying guide in the back!

9. Wine Samplers ~ keeps adding more and more small wine bottle samples which is a perfect way to try new wines without the expense of purchasing the whole bottle. Each sampler box comes with six wines in miniature 50 ml glass bottles from a single winery or combination packs of six different wines of the same varietal. Prices start at $19.99 and go up from there depending on the wines selected.

10. Food & Wine Wine Guide 2011 ~ I absolutely love this small, handy book every year Food & Wine puts it out. I always discover a fabulous new wine to try. The book is broken down into regions and varietals and even has a small recipe/pairing section in the back!