The Grizzly Bike by TAIKA

The eco-friendly TAIKI walker bike will have your little one scooting around safely and sustainably.


The Grizzly bike is the first product by new Australian design company TAIKA. The prototype went through a battery of tests that only an active two year old boy can subject to a product. It has been ridden through an apartment, into the garden, along the footpath, across the promenade at the beach, down the pedestrian ramps, in between heavy foot traffic and over again and again every weekend for more than 12 months.


The bike is handmade by people who care about the products they make. It hasn't been made on a production line by heavy machinery. As such, you may come across some love marks, all signs they are made by humans. The bike is available finished in chalkboard paint, giving many possibilities to the budding bike designer.

Available for $175 on the TAIKA website.