Mother’s Day: 5 Free Ways To Show Mom You Care

Are you trying to figure out a last minute Mother’s Day Gift on a budget? You’d love to buy her a diamond necklace, but with the status of your bank account you’d be lucky to afford a candy necklace?


No problem, I’ve got you covered! Remember, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s never more true then when you are thinking about your mama! It’s time to get those creative juices flowing.

Here are 5 free (or very cheap) ways to show mom you care this Mother’s Day:

  1. Make her something. Do you sew? Make her an apron. Do you draw? Draw her something special and meaningful (my husband drew me pictures of our children one year and that was my favorite Mother’s Day ever!). Do you sing? Record a song for her!
  2. The good ol’ coupon book. This works well if you still live at home. You can write out coupons for dish washing, loads of laundry, etc. Or if you live a bit of a distance, promise long phone calls and letters when she redeems your coupons!
  3. Write her a letter, a long letter, telling her just how much she means to you. Don’t hold back, if all you are giving her is a letter, it better be good!
  4. Make her a great dinner and make sure there’s a great dessert!
  5. Grab some movies and make it a movie night. All her favorites, with none of the whining.

The good thing about us moms is that we’re pretty easy to please when it comes to our children. Show us you care and put some thought into it and I guarantee you’ll hit a home run.

Husbands, these ideas will work for you too! Make sure you have something special planned for the mother of your children, remember Father’s Day is just a month away!