Wear Your Pride On The Outside-Animal Merit Badges

Badges no longer have to be a thing just for members of the military and scouts — who said we don't all love them? Check out these embroidered merit badges from Coral & Tusk; they're awesome accents for an fun outfit or a backpack in need of an accessory.

Coral & Tusk is the product of Stephanie Housley, a New York textile designer. She pulls inspiration from her yearly months-long visits to India where she designs her textile collections — then brings home the goods to the United States!

Merit Badges

The Merit Badge collection features wool and rayon felt with embroidery. A steel pin is attached to the backside so you can affix the badge to anything of your desire. The embroidered animals have a great vintage outdoor scout-sy look to them, with classic muted tones and simple lines. A badge is a great way to congratulate someone for awesome school accomplishments, birthday surprises, or just to say you're proud of them.

Merit Badges

The badges measure approximately 2" by 4", and come in a variety of animal choices. Badger, bison, bear, and ram — which one will your little one choose?

You can purchase the whole collection if making tough decisions just isn't your thing. You can purchase an animal badge for $12 from sweet william.