5 Quick Tips To Save Money And Buy Great Gifts

Who among us doesn’t love the feeling of seeing our friends and family unwrap gifts that we’ve purchased for them? Their faces light up in anticipation, anxious to see what’s underneath that shiny bow.


Some of them rip right through the paper. Others take their time and savor the moment. Either way, the moment they lay their eyes on what you have gifted them is a moment of truth. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Are they unimpressed?

How would you like to ensure that your gift giving this holiday season is filled with glee instead of glum? Did you know making a holiday budget and sticking to it can actually provoke more thoughtfulness and creativity into your gift buying? Here are 5 quick tips to save money and make sure this year’s gifting earns you rock star status.

5 Quick Tips to Save Money & Buy Great Gifts

1. If you shop online, make your shopping pay you! Sign up for programs like Ebates, Shopscotch, Shop at Home and get cash back when you make qualifying purchases. Check the rules for these loyalty programs carefully.

2. Make the decision you are going to refuse to pay full price, and stick to it.  Seek out coupon codes and sales. Don’t make a purchase without first taking the time to search for discounts! You can check out the What to Buy section here at Momtastic or head over to my blog: Family Friendly Frugality for the latest deals.

3. Make it yourself. Homemade gifts can take a lot of time and effort, but the end result is a gift made with love. Who wouldn’t want that? Just be sure to watch your bottom line. Even homemade gifts can quickly add up in price.

4. Go for meaningful gifts over the latest high tech gadget or hottest trend. Really put some good thought into who you are buying for and find something that will touch their heart.

5. In lieu of gifts, give donations to charity. Pick a set amount for each person and donate to a charity that means something to them. Be sure to choose a charity they would want to donate to (in other words, donate to their cause, not your own). Buy or make a card and print out the receipt or write down the charity and amount that you donated to in their name.

Why a Holiday Budget Helps

When I’m in a mad dash to be sure everyone on my list is covered, I sometimes forget to put thought into my gift buying. I wind up with a ton of gifts that are so generic; they could really be for anyone! It mostly just ends up being “stuff” that takes up more space in our homes and lives. We all have so much stuff nowadays, who needs more? Spend the time to shop with purpose, make a budget and put thought into your gift buying this holiday season. A gift that costs more isn’t necessarily better. Not only will you save money, I suspect you’ll have your best gift giving year ever!