Product Review: Mandy’s Take on Angel Soft

 Some people call it glamping. I prefer the term, “camping-in-name-only.”

 When the kids and I venture out into the great wilds of our national and state parks, we may sleep in a tent, but we do it in comfort with a double high air mattress covered in a down mattress pad and topped with high thread count sheets and down comforters.


We bathe in our tent, but we do so with sun warmed water and slip on cozy boots when we’re done. And while I may cook over a campfire or on a propane stove, I’m making five cheese lasagna in a Dutch oven or three alarm chili from scratch with homemade corn bread.

 It should come as no surprise, then, that when I camp I want something a little bit more luxurious when it comes to our trips to the restrooms.

You know what I’m talking about. Parks tend to stock toilet paper that is most likely made from the twigs and leaves surrounding the area. Single ply and no absorbency, it’s scratchy, uncomfortable, and guaranteed to make you long for the comforts of home.

 I started camping with the kids when they were very young. I wanted to share my love the outdoors with my little ones while introducing them to Mother Nature’s playground, but there’s nothing worse than scratchy campground toilet paper—especially to a two-year-old.

Or a thirty-eight-year old, if I’m being honest.

That’s why I keep Angel Soft bath tissue in my camping gear box. It’s soft, strong, absorbent, and luxurious enough to turn a vault restroom into a place of such comfort, you can almost ignore the spiders taking up residence in the corner and the scratching of a raccoon on the door. Plus it’s inexpensive enough that if said raccoon sends me running for my life, I don’t mind leaving a roll for my fellow campers.

Angel Soft bath tissue is also versatile. When slightly dampened with a bit of water, it works fantastically for cleaning the sensitive skin around the kids’ eyes when they get sunblock in them. I’ve used it to staunch the bleeding of a skinned knee while I find the First Aid kit. I’ve even used it, soaked with a bit of essential oils, to keep the bugs at bay while we sleep.

 I believe we can still enjoy all that nature has to offer—starlit night skies, crackling campfires, pine-scented hikes, icy mountain streams—but we don’t have to rough it. Especially with Angel Soft bath tissues at hand.

DISCLOSURE: This post is sponsored by Angel Soft. While I did receive compensation, all statements are my opinion and my opinion only.