Knitwise: Turn Your Photo Into One-Of-A-Kind Knitwear (The Best Father’s Day Find!)

Knitwise is a tech startup specializing in blending technological innovation and personalized fashion which, in layman’s terms means they turn your photos/designs into one-of-a-kind knitwear. All you do is upload a design or image and pick the style you want and in a matter of a few weeks they’ll send you a knit design. Below is an example of a rendering, which you’ll get to approve before they proceed with the design. It’s the one I received after uploading an image of my son from Halloween (he was dressed as Abu).


The brand actually began personalizing knit sweaters featuring furry babies of loving pet parents, but today you can upload just about anything. Yes, yes it’s cheesy but my husband absolutely loved the above sweater, which I gave him on Father’s Day and the quality is a lot better than what you’ll find from the standard photo site.

Have a furry pet Mom or Dad? Celebrate them any time of year because with what’s going on in the world we all need joy on random days “just because.”