Looking For Cute Birthday Themed Fashion? Checkout Mud Pie

Whether it’s a small celebration at home with a smash cake or an all out fiesta, it’s always exciting to celebrate a child’s birthday – especially that first year. I don’t remember how I came across Mud Pie, but I immediately fell in love with their birthday themed outfits. Whether your child is turning one or five, or anything in between they have an outfit to fit the bill (this one is a personal favorite as well as this one).


While there are cheaper options from brands like Gerber’s, Carter’s, Old Navy etc., they’re not nearly as beautifully made. The pieces I’ve seen from Mud Pie also have an heirloom quality to them – especially because they wash well in addition to being beautifully made in terms of design and detail. Even if you offer baby a smash cake/birthday cake and they go “wild” their pieces (at least the ones I’ve tried) come out like “new” – I didn’t notice any color fade and stains came out even though I washed on a cold setting.

For parents looking to get more than one-day wear out of an outfit, opting for a more generic design like the one above is a great way to go as your little one can easily wear it to suit many occasions beyond a birthday.