The Ultimate In French Riviera Chic With Jacadi

If you’re looking for adorable, beautifully crafted, heirloom-quality pieces you can’t go wrong with Jacadi. When compared with other luxury children’s wear brands, like Bonpoint, I find Jacadi not only to be better made (as far as details) and more durable, but they’re actually better priced as well and, arguably most importantly in the age of Instagram obsession, they’re just plain better designed!


Jacadi pieces always make you look twice. My friend said it best when she told me, upon seeing pieces from their latest collection, that these are the kind of baby clothes that could make a person who doesn’t want to have kids, have kids! There are so many subtle details that make the brand’s designs look expensive (like their buttons) and, on that note, they’re by no means frugal-priced but I find Jacadi’s pieces to look a lot more expensive than they actually are (something I can’t say for brands like Bonpoint where often the opposite is true).

Jacadi’s latest collection is among the best I’ve seen – and I see a lot of baby, toddler and kids clothing…  The French brand always has a French/Riviera vibe – their signature colors are red, white and blue, but the latest collection takes it up a level. One thing to note is that the clothing runs very small, so size up at least one size (i.e. if you’re shopping for a 9 month old your best bet is probably to get size 18 months which comes out to 81 cm).

Note that if you’re traveling around Europe this summer (or anytime…) it’s worth checking if there is a Jacadi store. I was in Munich recently and happen to walk by a store and found pieces not available in the USA and the prices are also slightly lower in Europe.