From Classics To Newbies, My Favourite Sylvanian Families Collections

As a Mum of three, I’m all about the toys that last and stand the test of time. Isn’t it so nice when you have toys that get passed down from child to child and are still good? Our girls have done that with the Sylvanian Families collections over the years. The toys have been tried and tested and loved and adored – taken on holidays and car trips and played with at home.

So I thought I’d round up our current faves from the Sylvanian Families collection.


The Milk Rabbit & Children’s Bedroom Sets

One of our all-time faves – and what made our girls fall in love with Sylvanian families was the Milk Rabbit set & the Children’s Bedroom set with the bunk beds. At the time, our girls had just got a new bunk bed – so the novelty of playing with these cute little rabbits in bunk beds just like theirs won them over!

The Red Roof Country Home

Now we cannot go any further without mentioning the Red Roof Country Home. This really is the ultimate – where my girls have spent hours on end playing. It has lights inside and lots of different areas within for your kids to use their imagination and play until their little hearts are content. You can also add a third storey to this with the Red Roof Cosy cottage too!

The Koala Family Set

Another favourite for my girls has been the Koala Family set. Maybe it’s because we just love Koalas in real life or maybe it’s just because this little family is so cute! The Mumma Koala Carissa is babywearing Baby Addie the Koala and it just screams cuteness. It’s a simple pack of the family – but a true favourite in our house.

The Sylvanian Families Caravan

If your kids love a family holiday like mine, then they will enjoy the Sylvanian Families Caravan. The roof opens up and it comes with a kitchen, sitting area, fold-down bunk beds, a stack of accessories – including cute sleeping bags and even a toy toilet roll! The Caravan can also be towed by the Family Saloon Car or Bluebell car (sold separately).

The Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon

Now I have to mention one of the NEW additions to Sylvanian Families and a new favourite – the Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon. With an exclusive Pony Figurine, this set comes with a two-storey salon, which opens up in different ways for them to play. The Salon features such cute little accessories like a shell-shaped sink and chair for hair washing – it even comes with a showerhead just like a real hair salon! With over 30 accessories you can only imagine how many different ways your kids can style Sally Manely’s hair!

SO – if you’re looking for a true favourite for every household, for toys that promote imaginative play for your kids, the Sylvanian Families’ adorable characters provide children with the perfect backdrop to create their own original stories. They have been loved by us and I’m sure will be loved by your family too. You will treasure the memories these collections help create.