Meet The Glamorous New Arrival In The Sylvanian Families World

Since becoming a mum, there are some things I really enjoy. I enjoy it when my kids use their imaginations and play nicely together. You know, when they are occupied with their own game together and you can get a few things done around the house, or perhaps even enjoy a hot cuppa? I also enjoy seeing my kids play with toys I used to play with as a kid – and when these two things combine, it becomes this beautiful nostalgic moment. My girls have always loved Sylvanian Families and for me, it is nostalgic watching them play it as the company has been around since I was a kid!

One of the NEW additions to Sylvanian Families is the Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon and my goodness it is gorgeous! With an exclusive Pony Figurine, this set comes with a 2 storey salon, which opens up in different ways for them to play. The Salon features such cute little accessories like a shell-shaped sink and chair for hair washing – it even comes with a showerhead just like a real hair salon! 


We all know how important imaginative play is for kids – allowing them to develop their language and social skills. I love listening to my girls play “hair Salon”… and with over 30 accessories you can only imagine how many different ways your kids can style Sally Manely’s hair! Sometimes my girls end up taking over a huge area of our house with a huge set-up -and they have the most wonderful time playing all day! With these accessories, they can choose different colours for some hair extensions, different headbands, hair clips, hair ties, a ponytail ring to help style and some little shampoo and conditioner bottles to help with the salon experience.

And just when you think the Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon couldn’t get better – it does! With other cute accessories such as a face mask, telephone, magazines and a makeup brush, the salon really does give your kids the perfect start for a fun-filled day of imaginative play!

This would be such a fun addition to your kids’ play rotation – beautiful quality toys that can last a lifetime – and so lovely to see the next generation enjoy playing with Sylvanian Families.