MORI Just Launched Their First Ever Toy Collection

MORI’s first-ever playtime collection just launched and like the brand’s apparel, it’s beautiful to the touch, top notch in quality, and well-thought out in the functionality department.


The collection includes nine wooden toys; teethers, stackers, rings, blocks and more, for ages 0-12 months+ ($14-$34). Just like with MORI’s apparel, every piece is made using sustainable materials and methods to be kinder to our planet. The toys are made from FSC Beechwood, FSC MDF and painted with non-toxic paints.

Flashy toys are great when you really, really need your LO to be entertained while you get something done (though they’re certainly not a sure-fire bet for every kiddo), but they’re little more than mindless entertainment. I love these toys because they work to foster independent play and creativity. I’ve been giving pieces from the collection to my 6 month old throughout the day over the last few weeks and he can spend a good 30 minutes at a time exploring on his own (with some crying in the mix, naturally).