Mommy Must-Have: Sheets Laundry Club (Who Needs Detergent?)

Sheets Laundry Club is pure genius! The brand makes laundry sheets, which basically is the kind of product you never thought of but once you discover wonder how it has taken so long to come into your life.

At this point you’re probably wondering….so, what are laundry detergent sheets? Basically they’re pre-measured, dehydrated sheets of detergent that dissolve instantly in the wash. They’re an environmentally friendly, timesaving solution to washing your clothes… and they had this mom at timesaving.

They can be purchased as single units or as part of a subscription service through Sheet’s ecommerce site or via Amazon. They also make scent boosters and dryer sheets.


But that’s not all.

The brand’s CEO and co-founder, Chris Videau, has a great story. He’s a veteran U.S. army helicopter pilot who was inspired to create a product that would help eliminate plastic waste. Over the course of 20 years in the U.S. Army, Videau observed our planet’s plastic problem from the sky; while in Iraq he spent most of his days flying through a black haze of pollution caused by burning trash in city streets. As a result Videau returned from Iraq with permanent lung damage from the toxic burn pits – The Department of Defense estimated that approximately 3.5 million service members may have been exposed to these pits during their time in service.

We’re thankful to Videau for his service and sacrifice and for conceiving such a genius product that will help not only save the planet, but will help save many over-whelmed and busy moms time.