Black History Month for the Family at Target

Courtesy of Target

Courtesy of Target

Black History Month is a celebration of Blackness. It is a month where Black people get to revel in who we are, our past accomplishments, present victories and dream of what is to come. There has always been much to do about achievements, which is contrasted with the immense struggle for attainment. But how about giving it a twist this year. We’re Black and we’re a family. We are celebrating being black. How better to do it than as a family?

This year Target has gotten onboard in celebrating Blackness as a family, with products for every family member and the home. Fun times isn’t it? There are apparel and accessories for the whole family, beauty boxes, home goods, stationery, books and more. So, what’s available for each family member?


Here’s the deep dive into Black History Month at Target

For Mom

Let’s cover mom’s needs first as happy mom equal happy home. My first pick for mom is the Lyric Culture Women’s Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now Tank Top. As moms, we are unstoppable. What’s cuter than a tank that represents that? Throw in the Recline & Unwind Target Beauty Box with the Blu-ray copy of Girl’s Trip, and that seals the deal. A glass of wine definitely has mom’s name on it!

For Dad

For dad, I’m really feeling the Well-Worn Adult Geo Africa Track jacket. At $30, the trendy yet classy jacket is a steal! To complete dad’s package, I would add the male Target Beauty Box, and give dad his pick between Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” in vinyl or Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” in vinyl.

For the kids

There’s something for every child regardless of age. The toddler would definitely get the Well Worn Baby Heroes Bodysuit. For a boy, I would recommend the Well Worn Kids’ Geo Africa Fleece Jacket. And for the girl, the to die for, uber cute Girl’s Long Sleeve Flower Hair Dip Dye sweatshirt. Throw in the books Crown: Ode to The Fresh Cut by Derrick D Barnes and I am Enough by Grace Byers, and the kiddies’ package is complete.

Family time and time for family cannot be overstated. Having the bonus of using Black History Month to further cement the bonds in the black family is invaluable. Doing it with style thanks to Target, is just another perk!