5 Essentials Every Mom Should Stockpile On Amazon Prime Day

Some consider Amazon Prime day shopping nirvana. All of the deals, none of the crowds. If you’re a mom, this goes double. Kids are as expensive as they are adorable and it seems as if there is no end to the stuff they need. And as for shopping in crowds, well, that’s a hard pass with kids in tow. So, If you’re trying your best to be super mom and be sure you are always stocked with the essentials, this list will help you to do just that – and save a little cash too.

Here are our top picks you should take advantage of and stock up on Amazon Prime Day 2018.  These are must-haves for moms on the go – and at home!


Freeze dried snacks

Every mom knows that the only thing worse than being hangry is dealing with a hangry kid. These snacks pack well and are sweet and crunchy without cursing your kid – or yourself – with the dreaded sugar rush and immediate crash. Plus you’ll love them too!

First aid kit

If it can happen, it will. Mommy rule numero uno.  No telling if it’ll be you or the kid that gets bonked, scraped, or cut. But this baby’s got you covered either way.

Hand sanitizer

This smelly goo may be gross but not as gross as what your toddler just touched. And god knows what you’ve touched chasing that varmint. No matter how old your offspring this stuff is likely to save you from a world of infectious trouble.

Magic Pen

Boredom is a mom’s worst enemy when you’re away from home with your kid – or in your home for that matter! These pack easily, cease to entertain, and won’t make you want to strangle yourself if you have to participate!

Travel pillow and blanket

If your kid is cold or tired or grumpy, if your kid is on a plane, in the car, or in a restaurant, you what them comfy and cozy and off the filthy ground. This set will keep them warm and feeling safe. And if mommy’s legs get chilly when the rugrats are running wild at Chuck E. Cheese, this blankie’s got you covered too!


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