The Very Best Potty Training Underwear

Potty training can be one of the biggest (and messiest) adventures of parenting. It's something that you either consider an enticing challenge, or something you're trying not to think about until you absolutely have to. Either way, when the time comes, you'll need some supplies. Below, we've reviewed the top five pairs of potty training underwear. We've found why each pair works so well, so you can choose the type that fits in with your chosen method of toilet training, as well as your little one's personal preferences.

Gerber Toddler Training Pants

The Time-Tested Training Pants

These Gerber brand underwear have been around for years. Their thick, absorbent padding will help your little one feel like a big kid, while still soaking in those tiny leaks that may occur between potty trips.
Best Overall

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The main reason we chose this product as the best overall is because it is time-tested. Gerber training pants have been around for years, and they are still a top-seller among all of the newer brands that have been released more recently. They’ve worked for so many parents in the past, and they will more than likely work for you as well.

They are 100% fabric, which will allow your little one to feel comfortable, and like a big kid, especially if extremely thick fabric or plastic-like material would bother them throughout the day. The extra padding that these do have is perfectly placed to absorb accidents for both boys and girls. It won’t hold a whole bladder’s worth, but it will save you from washing an extra pair of pants when your little one only lets out a small dribble before they reach the potty.


  • Comfortable
  • Time-tested
  • Look just like real, big kid underwear


  • Won’t hold in larger messes
  • Some reviews state that these training pants run a little large

Dappi Waterproof 100% Nylon Diaper Pants

The Way To Keep Your Carpet Clean

If you're tired of cleaning the couch and carpet after every potty mishap, these training pants are worth checking out.
Best at Keeping the Mess In

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If your little one is on the early side of potty training, or if you spend a lot of time hanging out on or near upholstery and carpet in your home, these training pants may be for you. They actually go over your little one’s normal, big kid underwear. They are an extra, waterproof layer to hold in the mess when larger accidents happen.

These training pants are made of waterproof nylon, so you can still throw them in the washing machine when they get wet. They have soft, elastic bands along the waist and leg holes to keep your little one comfortable as well.



  • Keeps larger messes in
  • Machine washable


  • Nylon feel may not be comfortable for every child
  • You will need another pair of typical toddler underwear to go underneath these
  • These run large, so they may not be the best for very young potty trainers

Girls’ Minnie Mouse Potty Training Pants

For Little Girls Who Love Minnie Mouse

No one wants to let their favorite character get messy! If you have a Minnie-loving girl, these may be for you.
Best for Little Girls

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One of the best potty training tricks around is to give your child a pair of big kid underwear with their favorite characters on them, and tell them not to get them wet. If you have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse, these training pants will do the trick.

These training pants appeal to young girls, and they have extra padding to keep in small messes (to ease the potty training pain for parents) as well. They are comfortable and soft for little ones, and look just like big kid underwear as well. These pants even come with a potty training sticker chart (and stickers) to help you and your toddler reach toilet training success.


  • Extra padding catches small leaks
  • Cute, Minnie Mouse design
  • Comes with a potty training sticker chart


  • Not designed to hold in a full bladder’s accident
  • Some reviews state they received different designs than what is pictured (still Minnie Mouse)

Boys’ Toddler Thomas the Tank Engine Training Pants

For Thomas-Loving Boys

We've yet to meet a little boy who doesn't love Thomas. Your toddler won't want to let his favorite train get messy with these training underwear.
Best for Little Boys

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If you want your little boy to keep the pee off his favorite character, these Thomas the Tank Engine training pants are a great choice. They are made of a soft fabric, and the extra padding is not too bulky, allowing them to be a comfortable option for your little one.

These are the boy version of the training pants we reviewed above, so they are again slightly absorbent (enough to catch those few dribbles that may come out on the trip to the bathroom). They still come with the potty training sticker chart to support you through the toilet training journey as well.


  • Fun Thomas designs
  • Comfortable fit
  • Comes with potty training sticker chart


  • Runs small
  • Won’t catch a full accident

Lamaze Organic Training Pants

An Option That'll Make You and Your Little One Comfortable

These training pants perform well, while still keeping organic materials a priority.
Best Organic Option

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If you’re looking for an organic option, these training pants are a great choice as they are made from 100% organic cotton. They are comfortable for your little one, and do a great job at absorbing small leaks as well.

These training pants come is a wide variety of sizes, form 9 month to 5T, so they will work for potty trainers of just about any age. This pair is specifically marketed for boys, but organic girl options are available from the same brand as well.


  • Made from soft, organic cotton
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Holds in small leaks


  • Some reviewers state that these training pants run large
  • Not designed to hold in a full accident

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can I Choose The Potty Training Underwear That Is Right For Me And My Child?

A. There are a few things you will want to consider when choosing a pair of potty training underwear. First, decide if waterproof training pants or cotton underwear are better for you as a parent. Consider where your child will be sitting, and how often you’ll be able to wash their pants, to make this choice. Next, choose if your child will be motivated by a favorite character. If so, choose a type of underwear that has someone they love in the design. Lastly, choose what material your child will be most comfortable in. Think of cotton being bulky or thin, and material being soft or slippery, when you make this choice. With these three questions answered, you should be able to tell which of the five options above is right for you and your little one.

Q. Are Waterproof Underwear Or Cotton Options Better For Potty Training Success?

A. It may seem like waterproof underwear will make potty training more difficult for your child, but this is not the case. Water proof underwear are very different from diapers and pull ups. In this type of training pants, your child will still feel wet when they do not make it to the bathroom. Because of this, waterproof underwear and cotton underwear allow children to toilet train at the same rate. The waterproof options simply help parents who want to protect carpet and upholstery (or wash fewer pairs of pants).

Q. How Many Pairs Of Potty Training Underwear Do I Need?

A. The answer to this question is actually solely up to your preference, as it depends on how often you are wanting to wash laundry. When you first begin potty training, the number of accidents your child has will be larger. You may want 8-10 pairs to get through a day, or even more if you’re wanting to wash them every other day instead of adding this task into your (already busy) daily routine. If your child already does well on the potty while wearing pull ups, you may only need 3-4 pairs as accidents may not occur as ofter.

Even though potty training can be a daunting task, it’s something you’ll have to face. With the right materials, including the perfect pair of training pants, you (and your little one) will find success. Choose the pair that fits your needs and your toddler’s style, and get started on this great, independent toileting adventure!

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