The Best Wreath Storage Containers

Wreaths come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and they're made of lots of different materials. We have one for nearly every season and holiday. The only problem with having so many is that it can be tough to stash them away between uses. You want to make sure they fit into a closet or under a bed, all while preventing them from becoming crushed. To that end, there are lots of different options, and we're here to show you the best of them with this list of our favorite wreath storage containers.

Handy Laundry Wreath Storage Bag

Convenient and affordable

This simple wreath storage bag is perfect for storing your wreaths from year to year.
Best Overall

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Simplicity helps everything run smoothly, especially when it comes to home organization. That’s why this wreath storage bag from the Handy Laundry is such a good choice. The large size makes it easy to put away even some of our biggest wreaths with no hassle. The zipper goes almost all the way around, which makes getting them in and out more manageable than ever. When you add all of that to the durable materials and heavy-duty handles, you end up with a super convenient way to store away your wreaths.


  • There are two sizes to choose from, so you can fit wreaths of almost any size
  • It’s very affordable
  • The materials keep moisture and debris off of your wreaths


  • It doesn’t have a hard body, so it won’t stop something heavy from crushing your wreath
  • We wish the zipper were more durable

Whitmor Wreath and Garland Bag

Easy organization

Keeping track of your wreath collection is much easier when you can see it all clearly.
Best Transparency

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If you have an extensive collection of wreaths and garlands, it can be tough to figure out which one is which when they’re all stored in bags. At least, it would be if you didn’t get these handy bags from Whitmor. The top of this bag is clear, so you can quickly see what’s inside and quickly find the one you’re looking for. The zipper goes all the way around, so you don’t need to worry about squashing the fluffy parts of the wreath as you put it in, either.


  • Tear-proof polyethylene prevents your wreaths and garlands from getting dirty
  • The price is very reasonable
  • You can use it for garlands, wreaths, and other decorations


  • We would prefer a bit more structure
  • It’s not waterproof

Homz Plastic Wreath Storage Box


Your favorite wreath will stay safe and secure in this hard-sided storage container.
Most Protective

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There’s nothing better than a sturdy box when it comes to storing your favorite decorations, especially those that can be flattened, like wreaths. This hard plastic storage box by Homz is an excellent example. It’s made to hold your wreath safely and securely without any risk of crushing or flattening. The clear top makes it easy to see what’s inside, which is especially helpful when you have more than one wreath to store. It can be placed down flat so that you can slide it under your bed, or you can simply stand it up.


  • There are three storage boxes included in every set
  • They’re designed to nest one on top of the other
  • Because of the material, your wreath is safe from being squashed


  • A more expensive option
  • The latches aren’t as durable as we’d like

Iris Wreath Storage Boxes

Great value

Store your collection without worry when you choose this high-quality storage set.
Best Set

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If you want to save money on storing your wreath or garland collection, you might want to check out this set by Iris. It comes with three hard plastic boxes, each of which is stackable for convenient storage. We appreciate the transparency because you can always see what you have stored inside without having to open them up one at a time. As a bonus, the lid goes on securely and is held there with latching buckles. This set is one of our favorite choices for those of us with wreaths for all occasions.


  • These high-quality boxes don’t allow your wreaths to become crushed
  • This set is affordable, especially when you consider how many you get for the price
  • The square shape adds versatility


  • You can only store wreaths up to 20 inches in each one
  • The handle buckles could be sturdier

Primode Wreath Storage Bag

Extra large option

This storage bag can handle wreaths of nearly any size and shape.
Most Spacious

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Although the average wreath is 24 inches wide, some are much larger. In fact, those meant for outdoor use can be double that size. So, how do we store those big wreaths? In this extra-large bag from the Primode Store, of course. It’s made of premium-quality Oxford Polyester, which prevents your wreaths from getting dirty or wet in your garage or basement. We also appreciate the strong, attached handles that make it easy to hang this bag up securely.


  • This bag can handle wreaths that smaller options just can’t fit
  • It has a little pocket with a label so that you can keep track of what’s in it
  • There are three color options to choose from


  • It’s a bit pricey
  • The material, although durable, can be crushed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need special storage for wreaths?

Wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your home, but they are also easy to crush or break. Special storage containers help keep them shaped while also preventing them from breaking or snapping. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can find one to meet your needs and your budget, as well.

What type of storage container is best?

There are two main types of wreath storage containers: hard-shelled boxes and soft-sided bags. Bags are great for hanging in your garage or sliding under a bed. They also tend to be cheaper. So as long as you don’t need to stack anything on top of your wreath, they’re a good choice. If you do stack your stuff or you’re limited on space, hard-shelled boxes may be best.