The Best Wine Decanters

We all know that wine culture can be daunting. But enjoying wine doesn't require exclusive club memberships or timeshares in Napa. All you really need is a solid bottle of the good stuff and a vessel to aerate it. Even for the occasional imbiber, a trusty wine decanter is essential--not to mention, it makes a stunning centerpiece. We've compiled a list of the best wine decanters that will make your bottles bloom with flavor and complexity and tickle your design tastebuds, too.

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Everyday Elegance

Your wine will reward you for giving it a home of its own.
Best Overall

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Your wine will love this hand-blown crystal decanter from Le Chateau almost as much as you will. It’s lead-free and specifically engineered for a 750 mL bottle, meaning the wide base maximizes air exposure to allow the contents of an entire bottle to properly breathe. After the oxygenation process is complete, the slanted spout ensures a spill-free pour into your glass of choice. An all-around winner, this decanter makes a useful and beautiful addition to any kitchen.


  • 8.5-inch base diameter maximizes surface exposure to air
  • Hand-blown crystal is durable, dishwasher safe and elegant
  • Designed to work with an entire 750 mL bottle of wine


  • May need to purchase a brush to handwash properly

Godinger Wine Decanter

More Like "De-can"

This decanter is as effective as it is affordable.
Best on a Budget

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We’re always a fan of products that lower the barrier of entry into a niche field, and Godinger’s ultra-affordable wine decanter does just that. Its construction maintains the industry standard of hand-blown and lead-free crystal glass, and the pour spout is slanted to avoid spillage. The vessel does hold a full 750 mL bottle of wine, but it’s recommended to decant a half bottle at a time to maximize air exposure. If you’re curious about the noticeable effects of decanting, go ahead and give this one a try. It might just become your go-to cabernet companion.


  • Ultra-affordable
  • Hand-blown and lead-free crystal glass
  • Smaller size can be more manageable for occasional imbibers


  • Base diameter not optimized for aeration of a full bottle

Jiaran Wine Decanter with Built-in Aerator

Breathing Life into Wine

The included aerator on this decanter allows you to uncork and imbibe in under five minutes.
Best with Aerator

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Call us impatient, but we don’t love the idea of waiting 30 minutes before enjoying our freshly-opened bottle of wine. This decanter has a built-in aerator that accelerates the process of oxygenation and filters the residual sediment at the bottom of your bottle. While decanting normally requires a steady, slow pour to keep unwanted sediment at bay, the double-layer filter in this aerator will catch it all. That means you can empty this lead-free crystal decanter into your drinking glasses within three to five minutes. We’ll drink to that.


  • Built-in aerator made of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel and silicone
  • Bi-directional, double-layer filter catches sediment while pouring both from the bottle and into your glass
  • Saves time by accelerating oxygenation process


  • Slightly more time-intensive to clean, but we think it’s saving time where it counts

HiCoup Wine Decanter

The Main Attraction

You'll never want to put this decanter away.
Most Elegant

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This stunning decanter from HiCoup is enough to make Dionysus envious. The lead-free, hand-blown crystal body is extraordinarily graceful, but don’t let its looks distract you from its practicality. It holds an entire bottle of wine, and the delicately slanted pour spout avoids any unwanted dripping. Though cleaning may be slightly more challenging, HiCoup includes suggestions for how to properly “agitate” soapy water to remove any residual coloring or sediment.


  • Unique, aesthetically pleasing design makes it great for display
  • Holds a full 750 mL bottle of wine with enough space for proper aeration
  • Pour spout is very effective


  • Delicate construction may be prone to cracks, so handle this beauty with the care it deserves

YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set

Break the Ice, Not the Decanter

Washing this decanter is a cinch, thanks to the included drying stand and cleaning beads.
Best Package Deal

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YouYah takes decanting to new heights with the innovative design of its Iceberg Wine Decanter set. The built-in aerator gently cascades the wine down the decanter’s sides and slowly submerges the iceberg below. While immensely pleasing to watch, this process also increases the wine’s exposure to air and accelerates the oxygenation process. A fine stainless steel filter also removes unwanted sediment and impurities. Washing and drying–often the least enjoyable parts of using a decanter–are made easy by the included cleaning beads and drying stand.


  • Unique, hand-blown, lead-free crystal construction
  • Holds and aerates a full 750 mL bottle of wine
  • Purchase includes cleaning beads and drying stand


  • More parts mean more to clean, but YouYah’s included tools help you get the job done

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wines should be decanted?

It’s widely accepted that most red wines will benefit from some level of decanting, but white wines become flat and dull when decanted. Wines exposed to ample oxygen while being vinified will respond the best to the oxygenation that comes with decanting. Examples include Barolos and Riojas, but don’t limit yourself–drinking wine is about enjoying it. A good rule of thumb is to record the mouthfeel, aromas, and flavors before decanting, then reassess at 10, 20, and 30 minutes into the process.

What is the benefit of an aerator?

An aerator’s primary purpose is to accelerate oxygenation by increasing the wine’s surface exposure to air. Many aerators rely on a waterfall design, which is effective while being a visual spectacle in its own right. Some aerators will also include a filter that removes excess sediment, often substantially shortening the time between uncorking and drinking.

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