The Best Whipped Cream Dispensers

Whipped cream is surprisingly easy to make at home, and it's hard to beat the homemade stuff. The only potential pro of buying it from the store is having that beautifully crafted dollop, but with your own whipped cream dispenser, it's easier than ever to achieve that same effect at home. We've rounded up our favorite whipped cream dispensers to elevate your homemade whipped cream and wow your guests.

FineDine Store Whipped Cream Dispenser

Cream of the Crop

This dispenser gives you whipped cream in a pinch and pinches pennies for you, too.
Best Overall

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Piping bags and a piping tip are one way to create lovely whipped cream rosettes, but those can get messy, and you have to keep refilling your piping bag. FineDine’s dispenser makes whipped cream stress-free — no need to worry about over-whipping your cream or making a mess. This 1-pint dispenser makes plenty of whipped cream and is constructed of durable, food-grade aluminum. It has a lightweight, ergonomic body so that you can comfortably grip the dispenser without straining your hands. We love that the nozzle lid has a rubber grip to keep your hands from slipping and a rubber ring to prevent air leakage.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Comes with three stainless steel nozzles and three plastic nozzles


  • Not dishwasher-safe

EurKitchen Whipped Cream Dispenser

Like a Pro

This dispenser is durable and comes with an extra seal lid so you can count on your whipped cream turning out perfectly.
Runner Up

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EurKitchen’s all-aluminum canister is so convenient and easy to use that it will open you up to new kitchen adventures. Don’t limit yourself to just whipped cream — we recommend trying to whip butter, frothy lattes, and mousses. The dispenser’s lever is sleek, and the head has a silicone grip. Our favorite part is that this dispenser comes with spare parts for the silicone lid seal and N2O charger holder. The nozzles are plastic but are high-quality and durable, and the aluminum feels especially sturdy. If you’re looking for a new way to prepare and present your kitchen creations, consider this dispenser your trusty new sidekick.


  • Comes with a handy cleaning brush and mesh bag to store all accessories
  • Spare parts are a major bonus for those who are worried about missing or losing anything


  • Nozzles are made of plastic, and some prefer stainless steel

Cuisinegames Whipped Cream Dispenser

On Cloud Nine

Sleek and easy to use, this dispenser creates clouds of whipped cream without missing a beat.
Also Great

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Cuisinegames’ dispenser works as good as it looks — and it looks pretty darn good. Its sleek, minimalist design is made of premium-grade aluminum, so it’s built to last without feeling bulky. The heat-resistant silicone ring helps prevent leaks and a rubber detailing on the lid as well, so you’re able to get the best grip as you’re twisting it shut. It’s also straightforward to assemble and clean and delivers consistent results, whether you want to use this to add a dollop of whipped cream to your morning coffee or provide the perfect topping on an ice cream sundae. We also recommend experimenting with different kinds of creams by infusing different flavors into your heavy cream or making coconut milk whipped cream for your dairy-free friends — whatever strikes your fancy.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with three stainless steel tips, a cleaning brush, and a measurement mark on the outside to prevent overfilling your dispenser


  • Doesn’t come with a cleaning brush

iSi Mini Whipped Cream Dispenser

Good Things Come in Small Packages

This half-pint dispenser means convenient storage without sacrificing deliciousness.
Best Compact

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If you’re looking for a simple, fuss-free whipped cream dispenser that doesn’t come with extra parts and has a compact design, iSi’s mini dispenser is perfect for you. It’s a half-pint dispenser, so it’s an excellent option for small portions. Constructed of stainless steel with a high-quality plastic head. It fits easily into your hand, and we like the curved design of the head. Overall a great pick if you want to add a unique tool to your kitchen arsenal without cluttering up your shelves.


  • Smaller shape and size make it ideal for children, but it holds up just as well as larger versions
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Only comes with one decorative tip

Otis Whipped Cream Dispenser

The Sweet Spot

For dessert-making enthusiasts, this dispenser has a variety of nozzles for all your needs.
Best for Desserts

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You might call this the overachiever of the whipped cream dispenser class. Otis’ dispenser comes with three decorating nozzles, four injector tips, and five silicone grips in a variety of colors. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel and has a clean aesthetic that would be right at home in a professional kitchen. If you’re a cupcake baker, these injector tips are excellent for making filled cupcakes without the mess of using your piping bag. We’re fans of how sturdy and reliable this feels as soon as you pick it up, and despite all the nozzle options, it’s easy and intuitive to use. Not to mention, you can pick a silicone grip color that matches your kitchen — or your mood.


  • A wonderful gift option, especially for the baker in your life
  • The injector tips are really a bonus and also good if you want to use them for infused cocktails, not just filling cupcakes


  • May be too many nozzle options for those who want a basic whipped cream dispenser or don’t want to worry about storing small parts

Frequently Asked Questions

How do whipped cream dispensers work?

These dispensers use nitrous oxide chargers to create thick, whipped cream in a matter of seconds. Most whipped cream dispensers don’t come with chargers, so you will need to charge them separately.

Can I leave my cream in the dispenser in the refrigerator?

You typically should be able to leave your whipping cream in the container in the fridge and simply take it out when you’re ready to use it again. Make sure to double-check your dispenser’s instructions first, though.